Our eco-friendly concept favours organic and local ingredients as well as reusable and biodegradable packaging.

Whilst sleepily gazing out through the window of a tram on my way home one evening, a little place on the Chaussée de Charleroi caught my attention and piqued my curiosity: Hinterland, an eco-concept café and recent addition to the Brussels foodscape. Inside, the interior is a beautifully rugged blend of traditional elements of Belgian architecture and design, with Scandinavian-inspired touches that contribute well to the overall laid-back ‘urban refuge’ tone.

On my first visit, I had the opportunity to meet the owners, Julien and Olivia, and to find out more about how the eco-friendly concept is integrated into their business. When I asked about their use of environmentally-friendly and recycled packaging, Julien showed me an example of one of the plastic tumblers that they use for their smoothies. Made entirely from corn-based bioplastic, the look and feel is the same as an ordinary plastic cup, with the advantage is that it is biodegradable.
– ‘Is it difficult to source sustainable products like this in Belgium?’
– ‘Very, but it’s much better for the environment so we feel that the extra effort is worth it.’
If it’s this kind of relaxed yet responsible thinking that Hinterland aims to promote, they’re off to a good start.

The 16 euro brunch buffet includes:
– Home-made granola
– Fruit salad
– Selection of jams and spreads
– Yoghurt
– Smoked salmon
– Gouda cheese
– Serrano ham
– Soup
– Viennoiserie (for any non-francophone folk: that’s danish pastries, croissants etc.)
– Fresh orange juice
– Hot drinks

I’m a big fan of figs in most things, so I found the sweetness of fig jam combined with the slight sourness of natural yoghurt and the nutty toasted flavours in the granola to be a particularly winning combination. For those who desire a sweeter finale on a weekend morning, there is also a deluxe brunch option for €18.50, which includes dessert.

– Closest Tram: Janson (Lines 92 & 97)
– Wifi
– Service style: Buffet (order at counter)
– Outside seating
– Cards accepted


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