In a hidden park nestled in between Chausée de Waterloo and the top of the Sablon quarter, lies L’Orangerie du Parc d’Egmont. On a sunny weekend in Brussels, it’s really the only place I ever really want to be for brunch.

On the weekends, they only serve brunch and they do it well. This is about quality food and quality time, many small plates and slow grazing with a buffet spread that will suit the sweet and savoury-toothed in equal measure.



Omlettes cooked to order, gorgeous quiche slices, baskets of viennoiserie, huge plates of different meats and cheeses, pasta, Asian noodle salads, there is something for everyone.

You’d be forgiven for balking somewhat at the price – at 29 euro per head it’s certainly not the cheapest brunch in Brussels – and it’s also worth knowing in advance that whilst the brunch is served with orange and grapefruit juice, all other drinks, including tea and coffee, are charged as extras.

With that in mind, the best value of the location and brunch offering is to be gained by setting aside a few hours and inviting friends to come and go at leisure as the sun rolls westward.

Tucked away in this small but charming park, seated at a table on a sandy terrace under the trees with dappled sunlight coming through the leaves, this is La Dolce Vita if it’s to be found anywhere in central Brussels.



– Closest Metro: Porte de Namur or Louise (Lines 2 & 6)
– Closest Tram: Petit Sablon (Lines 92 & 93)
– Access the park from Chausée de Waterloo (entrance to the left-hand side of The Hotel)
– Service style: Buffet
– Garden/Terrace: Yes
– Part of the Restaurantation Nouvelle collection, I’d also recommend their rooftop terrace at the Musée d’Instruments et de la Musique – more or less the same offering brunch wise but with a great view over Brussels.
– The terrace becomes busy very quickly after midday when the weather is good so it’s best to either get there early or book ahead for large groups.


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