Brunches, especially buffets, often offer the opportunity to try familiar foods in different forms but not everyone feels adventurous on weekend mornings, especially when still-sleepy instinct leads us to reach for more habitual and comforting options.

Sometimes adults are even more reluctant than children when it comes to trying new foods. It’s not something we all manage to leave behind us, and though obviously intolerances and social preferences such as veganism come from a different place, mere fussiness is often little more than suspicion of the untested.

Most of the time, I’m a believer in the try-anything-once philosophy, though I have yet to attain the Ray Mears heights of it and occasionally have to spend some time psyching myself up before venturing out of my comfort zone.

Having been challenged a few times recently to stop pulling faces at something on my plate and just give it a go, I was reminded of this fantastic recording of Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, read by graphic novelist, author and wizard of wise words Neil Gaiman.

I hope it makes you smile as much as I did.


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