Some of my best memories are the simplest ones: preparing brunch in an Irish farmhouse kitchen, the warm scent of coffee heating up on the stove, listening to a friend excitedly describe her eagerness to take up playing the cello and discovering music which, at the time, was completely new and fascinating to me.

Even though A.’s family have long since moved from that house, I can still clearly recall every detail of that morning and the sense of quiet contentment associated with that meal every time I listen to Max Richter’s The Blue Notebooks or Library Tapes’ A Summer Beneath the Trees.

Taste and smell are two of the most powerful evocations of memory, but add music to the mix and between the three you have a multi-sensory trigger to take you back to moments that make you smile, which is a wonderful gift on rainy mornings.

Remembering it now, I’d like to share some of that music with you (though please do buy it if you like it, all artists should be paid for their work!)


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